West Class Description

H.I.I.T – High Intensity, Interval Training is designed to be a challenge for all fitness and strength levels; what you get out of this workout depends on what you put in, so come along and challenge yourself! For the best results you’ll need to push yourself to the max during every set, this workout is a cardio session arranged as short bursts of very hard work. Hiit will improve cardio fitness and oxygen consumption, burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, raise your metabolic rate for hours following the workout, and help you lose fat while gaining muscle.

BOXFIT – These classes are for all fitness levels and everybody needs to start somewhere so we encourage people to come along and give it a go! The benefits of Boxfit are developing core strength, toning, and building arm/shoulder strength. This workout encourages good posture and develops balance and hand eye co-ordination. Boxfit is a very dynamic form of fitness comprising of bodyweight exercises, pad work, bag work, and explosive movements. It is one of the fastest ways to burn calories and develop anaerobic fitness through interval training with high demand during short bursts. You can control the speed, power, and tempo of your punches, which will determine how much you exert yourself.

BOOTBOX – This Hiit style, fun fast class is a mix of Boxfit and Bootcamp with shorter rest periods and carries similar benefits of the classes above.
**Classes are free for members or $15 for casual non-members and take place in our B52 Studio**