Meet Cheyanne

Cheyanne is a professional dancer and graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance. Since moving home to Taranaki after many years in Wellington she spends her time sharing her passion as a dance teacher and Pilates instructor.

Cheyanne is a qualified Polestar Pilates instructor in both Mat and Reformer. She has been sharing her knowledge through the Taranaki sports community by taking classes for the Taranaki Mountain AirsTaranaki Rugby Whio  woman’s rugby team and the Future Champion program.

Cheyanne enjoys working with movers and athletes to help increase their performance, working on correcting habits and patterns. She enjoys making classes that tailor specifically for a sport and their habitual movement patterns to increase injury prevention and maintaining balanced.

Cheyanne believes in bringing a balanced workout to her clients, working with their body’s capabilities, challenging the mind and body and reaching goals.

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