Meet Ashleigh

Ashleigh feels lucky enough to have worked as a Personal trainer for a decade now and in that time explored many avenues within the fitness industry. She has instructed Pump, Spin, Step, Barre, Pilates Mat and Reformer Pilates classes. In her time as a PT she has had the privilege of training people from all walks of life and all abilities, ranging from top athletes to those whose mobility is impaired, to new Mums wanting to regain strength & body confidence and all else in between. 

Ashleigh enjoys being able to provide people with the tools to move their body in a way in which reignites their mind-body connection and helps them realise what they’re capable of.

As a mum of three little ones Ashleigh uses exercise as an outlet to get out of her busy mind and into her body. She believes movement truly is medicine and is so passionate about helping others improve their overall health in a fun supportive environment. 

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