Kurt Lightfoot

My personal fitness philosophy is that any training regime needs to contain 3 fundamental ingredients in order to yield positive lasting results, namely: Functionality, Sustainability and the all important Enjoyment factor. if you are going to make sincere commitment to change it needs to be an integral part of your daily routine and needs to compliment your lifestyle - you wouldn't go a day without showering or brushing your teeth...your body requires the same dedication! Also if you're not enjoying it, conventional wisdom would suggest you're not going to stick to it. Do what works for YOU or don't do it at all! 
Once you have undertaken the decision to make a resoundong change in your life...get up, turn up, burn up! continually repeat these 3 sreps until you achieve the results that were once only an aspiration, a mere thought. To further compond your results, continually modify your routine. You are on a roll, why stop now? No matter how slight, the body and mind thrive on reqular change and fresh stimuli. Fitness is a lifetime commitment that needs to be constantly monitored and worked on much like a relationship or your career - what you put in is what you get out so if you keep on doing what you've always done, you will keep on getting what you've always got!
Diploma in personal training (Exercise teachers academy, south Africa
Level 1 and advanced BOXFIT instructor 
First aid certified 
Contact Details:
Mobile - 027 556 3638