Fit3D Body Scan

Our New Plymouth Fit3D scanner takes your fitness journey to the next level. 

Providing you with a stunning 3D image of yourself complete with full body measurements, statistics, and the ability to compare scans throughout your journey. This service is a great motivator, analytical monitor, and top tracker for your progress and physical performance.

Fit3D body scan reports on your body shape including posture and balance, body composition including measurements, and fitness level. These results are emailed directly to you within minutes with explanations to understand what you are seeing and let you know how you compare with recommended healthy ranges.

The Fit3D online platform allows for comparisons between your scans, creating motivation and the ability to view your progress. Fit3D is a fantastic way to set goals based on areas of improvement and see the results of your fitness journey. Watch all of your hard work paying off!

The Fit3D New Plymouth body scanner is located at our Rampage Fitness City gym at 163 Gill Street. Contact us on 06 757 8628 to book your scan.

Members rate $45
Non-members rate $70

We recommend you do not eat or drink a large amount within 2 hours of your scan and try to avoid exercise prior to the scan to allow for the most accurate results.